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Having problems receiving points? Please read this page to know common problems.

  1. Already Downloaded

    If your device already downloaded an app before, even if it was a year ago. It will NOT work. The points only show up if you’ve never downloaded it before.

  2. Following Steps

    Each app has requirements. While some apps only require you to open the app... most apps that pay more than 100 points require you to actually sign up or complete an action.

    It’s important to read the instructions on each app. If you don’t want to sign up just choose the low point offers that are easier.

  3. Time Spent

    Even low point apps require you to open it for at least 30 seconds. So when you download an app, make sure to spend some time on it.

    Some apps may take up to 30 minutes to give you points. So even if you’ve done everything,, you might just have to wait a bit. We don’t have control over this as each app tracks points individually.

  4. Bad Offer

    Lastly, some apps might just be broken. There’s about 3% of apps that don’t add points and we are ALWAYS working on removing them.

    It doesn’t happen often but please know some apps just have horrible reporting systems. Please message us so we can remove them.