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🔥 Secret Methods 🔥

Hey everyone, welcome to our secret page where we show how you can get a CRAZY amount of points.

Multiple Devices

Some of our members earn thousands of points per week. Simply put, they’re able to do this by using multiple devices.

You can use your friends, parents, siblings, cousins, and other family member’s devices to download and complete offers. However, you will need to create a new ZaneRewards account as the same ID cannot be used to complete already completed offers.

Checking Daily

New apps and offers are being added every week. It’s important that you check daily, as sometimes apps will only appear for a single day. Often, there are some awesome apps that come out and pay up to 100 points… and they’ll be gone the next day.

So if you’re checking all of the walls, AND you’re able to access multiple devices. Often you can earn more than 500 points simply when a new offer is released.